Nitrile Glove : M Glove

This article is introducing the highly reliable nitrile glove, made in Vietnam and offered by the department of defense in Vietnam. Our company started accepting orders of M glove as taking advantage of having strong global connections.

Product description

Product Disposable Nitrile Glove
Features Powder-free, non-sterile, latex-free, CE ISO 13485 EN455 ASTMD6319
Size XS、S、M、L、XL
Color Blue
Thickness 0.05 (mm)
Package 100 pcs / box

10 boxes / carton

Carton size 36(cm) × 26(cm) ×24(cm)
Carton weight 4kg
Country of origin Vietnam

The estimate content

Price 9 yen/pcs (including shipping fee and customs fee)
Delivery date 4 weeks within the order
Minimum order quantity 1,000,000 pcs
Payment method 50% as ordering and 50% as shipping

If the order is more than maximum supply, installment payment is available.


■ Certificates



※Price might change without announcement.

※Delivery date might postpone due to economic self-restraint COVID-19.


※PDF file is here↓

Nitrile Glove (M glove)_CP




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