Company Profile

Company Name: Cloud Production, Ltd.
Established Date: March 3, 2011
Representative: HAYAKI FUNAI

Company Policy


Company Philosophy


1. Contribute to the world with an attractive and friendly feeling organization

2. Taking over the willings of good caring mind beyond generations

3. Collaborate know-how and ideas to solve all poverty and difficulties.

4. Continue to supply creation and activity to the world market by 2055, earn 12 billion yen in annual sales throughout the group.

5. 10 percent of the profit every year will be donated to disaster-stricken areas and assist the reconstruction.

Long-term goal: Social Mission

We are connecting the gaps in the world with technology and mind. We will create a society where people can discover, invent and improve beyond the present future.


· Planning, development and management of IT projects
· Contracting, production and operation of IT development projects
· System Engineering Service
· Cyber ​​Security Construction
· School management
· Sharing economy business
· Sales
· Other, consulting


Ownership Business
· PM, PL exclusive Excel template (kintone synchronization, support version)
· Specialized customer attraction webpage, SEO service for individual owner
· Cross-border Electronic Commerce specializing for overseas expansion webpage, SEO service
· Non-alcoholic beverages exportation
· New business type of Sharing economy
· RPA products (launch in next term, under development)


Office Information

· Head Office
8-2-12 Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 141-0031

· Bangladesh Branch
Gulfesha Plaza, Suite-M 10, 8 Shahid Sangbadik Selina Sharak, Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217

· Vietnam Lab / Joint with Axon in Switzerland
PVcomBank Building 13th Floor, 30/4 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam

· Toshima-ku Higashi Nagasaki Jazz School & Satellite Office
(Higashi Nagasaki Cloudmate Music School)
4-9-5 Nagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 171-00051 Tokyo Famous Shop Building 3F

· Akihabara office & ANISON Karaoke bar
2-17-4 Kanda Suda-cho Chiyoda-ku Yamaume Building B1 ANISON Karaoke Bar Rondelbel

· Kichijoji Dormitory & Satellite Office
Closed Infomation

· Toyosu Dormitory & Satellite Office
Closed Infomation

· Miyazaki Studio
Closed Infomation

Cloud Production General CounterTel:050−5857−4794

Award Information

Baseball Score Book Application
├Tokyo Metropolitan Management Innovation Accreditation Project (28 Industry and Trade Branch No. 636)
└Highest 1st place of iPad sports category sales ranking


We will expand your business to the world