Introduction to V.SHIELD, virus-cut card; Remove Invisible Virus, Odor, and Mold.


We, Cloud Production, are launching the product called V.SHIELD; it can protect from the virus. 


Price : 1200 yen ($12 approximately)  / unit


Volume 5g
Duration of Use 1 – 6 month after opening
Duration of preservation 1 year
Effective range the area radius within1m
Effect Removal virus, Deodorization, Mold elimination


V.SHIELD, disinfecting product, can remove the cell membrane and cut off 660 kinds of bacterias and viruses.



Smartphones are not hygienically safe

Nowadays smartphones are necessities for everyone. People touch them so many times in the daily life.

Moreover, people touch their smartphone after they touched so many other things. Basically smartphone is hygienically clean.

This video shows that “The number of gems on the smartphone’s screen is more than the ones on the toilet seat”.

Some inspection reports say that COVID-19 can be alive on the surface of non-living things for 9 days. Hygienic treatment for them is necessary since the physical contact is usual stuff.



【Powerful Sterilization】It can damage DNA of the cause virus, bacteria, stench and remove causative molecule.       

【Excellent Deodorizing power】It is different from the ordinary product covered with temporary fragrance. Powerful oxidizability can oxidize malodorous component and resolve it.

【Outstanding Safety】Chlorine dioxide is recognized by WHO that the least harmful to the human body and highest safety level A-1. The safety is authorized.



Certificated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

EPA announced the list of products that can use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


The product that has same ingredients, Chlorine Dioxide, as V.SHIELD is listed.


According to this web page from EPA, it says “products on the list work on SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19”.



The result of sterilization test


99.9% sterilization. It can remove bacterias attached to the phone.

How to Use

  1. Clean and dry the surface that you are supposed to place this product.
  2. Confirm the place of attachment. Peal the sticker. (Be careful with tearing)

Design & Color

White, Black, Gold, and Rose Gold.


Approvals Acquisition 



Featured in News

Chemical Journal   3/27/2020


April,  Current News Time




V.SHIELD is produced safely for the human body.




In this article, we introduced V.SHIELD. If you are interested in, let us know down below!







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